Install TWRP Redmi 2 / Prime Lollipop

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How To Install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Prime Lollipop

This tutorial for Install TWRP v3.0.0.0 Kumanjaya Mod by Rivv on Xiaomi Redmi 2 and 2 Prime Lollipop using CWM/TWRP or Fastboot or Application Rashr, Okay directly to tutorial

To avoid things that are not desirable (ex: bootloop) you have to backup the internal data telephone (ex: contacts, messaging, images, music, notes and etc)

You must download file :

For Install Via TWRP (only kitkat) (Tested By Me)
*HM11_17_TWRP3.0.0.0 Kumajaya Mod 20160419 by 
*HM13_TWRP3.0.0.0 Kumajaya Mod 20160419 by

For Install Via Fastboot (Tested By Me)
*MiPC Suite (for driver your phone to connect to PC)
*HM11_17_TWRP3.0.0.0 Kumajaya Mod 20160419 by Rivv fastboot
*HM13_TWRP3.0.0.0 Kumajaya Mod 20160419 by Rivv fastboot

For Install Via App Rashr (Tested By Me)
*recovery 11 17.img
*recovery 13.img

Installation :


1; Turn off your phone and boot into TWRP (press button vol + (up) and vol down (-) and power button)

2; In TWRP Select Install > Select Storage and browse and select your file (file that was downloaded earlier) and swipe button to flash file.

3; Reboot System and Done.

Via Fastboot

1; Instal MiPC Suite, after done.

2; Extract TWRP after extracted, open folder and Press Button Shift + Right Click on mouse/touchpad and select Open Command Windows Here and will open a command prompt window.

3; Turn off your phone and boot into fastboot mode (Press Vol down (-) and the Power button) and connect it to the PC and wait for the drivers installed automatically.

4; In the CMD (command prompt) write fastboot devices and will be like the picture below.

5; Write again fastboot flash recovery recovery.img if successful it will be like the picture below.

6; Turn off the phone by removing the battery and enter TWRP (press button vol + (up) and button vol down (-) and press the power button) and release the power button when vibrating.

Via App Rashr

1; Instal Rashr.apk

2; And Done.

Tested On Xiaomi Redmi 2 (MIUI 7.2 Kitkat Lollipop Device Build 2014817)

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your files are too old or may b the links are wrong first update them unless this work of your is of no benifit